Looking Glass Studios is proudly recognised as one of Melbourne’s most professional conversion services when it comes to transferring VHS to DVD,VHS-C to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, Digital 8 to DVD, 8mm video to DVD, audio tapes to CD, slides to DVD, negatives to DVD and photos to DVD.

Besides our conversion service we also specialize in the creation of DVD slideshows transferring photos to DVD with soundtracks for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and funerals.

Studio locations in Melbourne for either video tape conversions or DVD slideshow creations are conveniently situated in Brighton East & Wantirna. Alternatively items can be mailed, conversions completed and returned via registered post. Free pickup and delivery of 10 or more tapes applies in the Melbourne metro area.


Videotape to DVD

video to dvd

Looking Glass Studios is committed to high quality, low cost video to DVD conversion with a guarantee of total client satisfaction.

If you are looking for conversion of traditional VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD or MiniDV to DVD, we can assist.

Our Melbourne studios also specialize in the transfer of Video8 to DVD, Digital 8 to DVD and Hi8 to DVD.

We will professionally transfer your home videos to DVD with titles, chapters and then present them on a printed DVD with personalized label and clear case.

Our process involves transferring your video tape to an MPEG2 format. Following conversion of the tapes, digital files can also be provided in AVI, MOV, MP4 , etc format for storage on a hard drive and subsequent editing or sharing with friends online.

An external hard drive or USB memory stick can be supplied on request for storage of digital files. An additonal cost will apply.

35mm Slide Scanning Service

35mm to dvd

Our studio can scan 35mm slides to DVD or scan negatives to digital. They are then ready to view, print and share. Fast, easy & affordable. Plastic or cardboard formats are accepted. Slides are scanned at a much higher resolution than photos given they are much smaller. We scan at up to 4800 d.p.i. depending on how you plan to use the images.
# slide mounts & photo edges cropped
# images rotated to correct orientation
# faded colours restored
# scratches & cobwebs removed
# over & underexposure corrected

Sound tracks can also be incorporated into the DVD to make entertaining viewing on your PC or television.

Photograph Scanning Service

photographs to dvd

Perhaps you have old photographs that require conversion to digital for permanent safe keeping? We scan all photos at 600 d.p.i. (equivalent of 8 megapixel digital photo) which make the images ideal for:

# enlargement
# cropping & zooming
# photo restoration

Output is in the format of high quality JPEG images onto a DVD disk.

Audio tapes to CD

audio tapes to dvd

Over time, a tape’s magnetic particles lose their charge, muffling the audio. If you’ve stored tapes improperly—in a car’s glove box or in a hot attic, say—the particles may flake off entirely, peppering your audio with momentary silences.

It’s time to get those magnetic memories onto a CD. Once you’ve digitized your old tapes they are preserved for all time and can then be transferred onto an iPod or other storage devise.

Your next step

Please ring 0439441947 or (03) 95538168 to arrange drop off of the video tapes, slides, photos or audio tapes.

Alternatively, print out and complete an order form, place the items into a padded bag (or similar) and forward to the following address:

Looking Glass Studios 2A Summerhill Road, Brighton East 3187.

Once the work is complete we will contact you to advise of the total cost including return postage. Payment can then be arranged via either Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer.

Collection of 10 tapes or more can be arranged free of charge in the Melbourne metro area.

Monthly Special Offers

Special Offers

Converting home videos, slides or negatives to DVD and audio tapes to CD is a great way to preserve, share and enhance those old tapes or slides that may be aging not too gracefully and the process is easy and affordable.

Our Special offers for this month are:

Videotape to DVD

$25 per tape (up to 4 hours)
(normally $35 per tape)
Digital files provided for an additional $5 per tape
(Edit or share online with friends)
Quantity discounts also apply

Slide Scanning Service

$1.00 per slide
(normally $1.50 per slide)
Quantity discounts also apply
A minimum charge of $10.00 applies.

Photo Scanning Service

$1.00 per photograph
(normally $1.50 per photo)
Quantity discounts also apply
A minimum charge of $10.00 applies.

Audio tapes to CD

$25 per tape
(normally $35 per tape)

The above pricing will apply to orders placed by the end of this month.