Transfer your videos before it’s too late!!

Videotape can be affected by heat, cold, moisture and dust. Both image and/or sound can be lost over time.

Now is the time to preserve those valuable memories by using our professional VCR to DVD conversion service. All DVD’s are packaged in a durable library case and personalized label on the face of the disc. We can assist with the following tape transfers:



VHS was introduced in 1976 and by 1990 was the standard video recording format for home users. The VHS tapes were taken over by DVD’s which were released in 1997.

VHS-C were brought out in 1982 and were designed to be the compact version of VHS. This allowed users to use an adapter to play the tapes directly from their VCR players.



MiniDV was released in 1995 and became extremely popular for both home and professional use. Whilst small in size, the quality was excellent.

Video8, Hi8 & Digital 8

Video8, Hi8 & Digital 8

Video8, Hi8 and Digital 8 were introduced between 1985 and 1999, using similar technology to MiniDV however stored on Video 8 tapes. Unfortunately, these tapes are prone to degradation and should be converted to digital format at the earliest convenience.


$25 per tape with a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more.

Additional copies of the DVD @ $10 each. Transfer from disk to MP4 digital format can be arranged @ $15 per transfer.

Pick up and delivery services are available in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

N.B. Scanning of 35mm slides can also be arranged at $1 per slide. Scanned images can be provided on either a DVD or USB.

LGS – specializing in the transfer of VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD, MiniDV to DVD and Video8, Hi8 and Digital 8 to DVD since 2011.

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